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Monday, May 11, 2020

12:41 AM

Education a Show Business

Education a Show Business...

We have 4 Boards SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IB All differ in certification, the vastness in syllabus, difficulty level, exam toughness. But do these help in overall educating our child, and help in his/her personal growth and development the way it should?is my first question.

Secondly each extracts exuberant fees then the other in name of boards means education dene ka Naaptol ho raha he? means I should conclude if fees are more my child's future is in safe hands while imparting education they will guarantee his/her career growth personal development.

Ok, I have a confusion too if all the above impart different difficulty level in education then why everyone land up in same colleges with same syllabus level later.

And such hard work for what to crack entrance exams for different competitive institute for which again there is external coaching. And then with a lot of pain, I have to say that accept for top 20 institutes in each, in rest quality of education is ghumshuda. Seats for top 20 is approximately 8000 to 10000 for lakhs of students who apply so all these hassles, is this worth fighting for rather why don't we keep the education system simple uniform board and fair and provide quality from the very beginning days of school and increase the career options here too like abroad. People go abroad for further studies as there are a lot of specializations provided and quality practically informative education imparted via without copy-paste projects, field study, vivas, role plays and internships along with earning options provided wherein you are also given on-field jobs in the campus itself, to acquire leadership and organizing and management skills.

Indian schools whichever board you opt for its only a business showbiz big money cannot give you quality of education our system fails in practical approach very essence of education and personal growth my articles shared here will give you some mind shaking deep insights to the point I am making so summing up my request to each parents just focus personally on your child's development at an early age itself by building in strong communication among ourselves and inculcating in him/her with reading habits,thus exposing him/her with success stories and management books,also extra vocational classes for skills development as per his/her liking, like creative skills,craft skills,digital marketing skills or IT computer skills,mass media or communication skills,beauty-enhancing courses,sports activities etc which will help right attitude development and also decide his future course of action as with a combination of 2 to 3 of above he will know his area of interest too and thus his future course of action too early rather then waiting for after 10+2 option.

Kyuki 15years ratta marke barbad karna hi hai Indian education system mein, unless we collectively revolt and resolve these glitches,tab tak aap hi bachalo apne bacho ka bhavishya unka marg darshan karke give them a sense of security and spend as less as possible on these schools and colleges.

Summing up: Children must be taught how to think not what to think.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

7:13 PM

Don't Limit Yourself By Numbers


Since I am very passionate about talent and skills development and encouragement, let me begin with my favorite topic seeking career guidance.

Today if we just observe any system be it education, corporate, income, and money we all run after numbers jitna zyada utna achha and this numbers is something which will never satisfy us so my question is if not satisfactory then why run after it.

In Education more than learning as an experience, we seek after marks why are you 2nd, third, etc and not first, why only 80%and, not 90% well u didn't study hard or give your best these are the hitting questions we bombard our future with so the child always feels something is lacking in him and is in a stage of dissatisfaction with himself and thus with his environment always is this future or his development we looking forward to then why limit ourselves with numbers let him experience his environment create and observant approach towards learning learn to feel rather to understand rather than numbers this will help develop his interest in understanding with observations and build in a skillful satisfactory learning rather than limiting in numbers.

Similarly corporate is full of targets pressure hai target ka thus unable to find time from work unable to have fun again numbers mein phas gaye, why can't we give the employee a system wherein give him his space for creativity rather than target give him ownership let him enjoy the work as his business the sense of belongingness automatically helps in results instead of making him achieve targets help him be motivated with incentives not necessarily monetary it can be kept as a surprise a trip a picnic or certificate of appreciation, etc let him focus on satisfaction rather than the target and see the difference.

Income limitations are itne paise mein itnaj milega as the saying goes kyu itna hi why this limitation there are avenues to generate income let urself be with what all you want you to love and live to the fullest focus on living,satisfying increasing standard of living rather than limiting again with numbers.

Which avenues for additional income I am talking about well I am talking about freelancing projects,digital marketing, planned investment, consultancy, technology affiliations and the power of all of it is unlimited each one definitely I will highlight in-depth in my other postings.

Money is something we have the power to generate in today's time so why worry about seeking it just be satisfied and enjoy as life comes,as everything is transitory in life and nothing permanent so with patience and consistency with imbibing all above you will start valuing urself and this is something which is beyond time and numbers so that state is what will keep you satisfied.

Summing up:  Create value for urself and life will be beyond just numbers

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

5:13 AM


Hi everyone,

            Myself is farida pepermintwala who is passionate about reading and writing and have 11years experience in education only, being a career consultant have been in areas like engineering test,management test,management education,IT education and since this has got into my blood now have become an entrepreneur now in my passion of skill and talent development.So here I would like to share my views related to approach towards varied social concerns.Hoping would get more encouragment and support from your end.